Know Your Why

Know Your WHY…..


I know, what the hell is my WHY? Give me a moment to explain. Your WHY is the reason you do things. Why do I drive a certain route, why do I listen to the music I do? Why do I work out and why do I do CrossFit? As a coach and a CrossFitter, I am constantly revisiting my why. Maybe you should too.


Honestly, there are few examples of a bad why when it comes to working out, the list is stacked toward the good. Working out helps you get stronger, fitter, and helps you cope mentally with the stresses of the daily grind. In CrossFit we get to add a couple more: I enjoy getting my butt kicked or I get to see my CrossFit family. As a Coach I get to add in: I love to see someone get a PR or be able to do a movement or lift that they never knew they could or that they have been struggling with. I also get to see each of you change physically and mentally as you get stringer and closer to your true potential, Those are the easy things to get excited about, and it makes it really easy to come back in each day. As an athlete it sometimes isn’t so easy.


While I enjoy how I feel after a workout, or at least when I can breathe again and my heart rate returns to normal, and I enjoy the community and CrossFit Family. I also enjoy getting stronger and how my body looks when I have been training hard, but sometimes the grind gets me down. It’s hard to keep coming back for the butt kicking day after day, and the results don’t come as fast as I would like. That’s when I need to take a step back and review my whys and see how far I have come.


You, as an athlete, definitely see the big things that go right in your training, a new PR, finally getting double unders, or even getting a handstand. We as coaches get to see you progress every day to reach those achievements. We see the little changes each week that you might overlook or not even notice. We remember how you moved when you first came in and see how much better you move now. How strong you are now, how well you kill the workouts. It has been nothing short of amazing. So if the grind starts to get you down just take a step back, and review your why.


Why did you cone in, and why do you stay? Try to take a look back and see how far you have come. If you ask us, you have done some amazing things and we are glad one of your first whys brought you in to Trollway CrossFit.

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