Marlow Hicks

Marlow Hicks


  • Crossfit Level 1


Marlow grew up playing multiple sports including basketball, football, baseball, rowing but was constantly active regardless of what season it happened to be.  He spent his collegiate years rowing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. A few years after he put away the oars, he discovered CrossFit and walked into his first class while living in Philadelphia, PA.  He was immediately enthralled with the community and its ability to make health and fitness something attainable for every type of person from every walk of life regardless of baseline fitness level or experience.  After a couple of years of witnessing what Crossfit could do for people, he decided he wanted to help be a part of not only putting people on the path to living healthier longer lives but also finding the strength and confidence in themselves that they didn’t know they had.  Originally from Chicago, when Marlow is not in the gym you can probably find him cheering on the Badgers, White Sox, Bulls and of course da Bears, recording his award winning podcast, or spending time with his wife and son.

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