It’s time to put your fitness to the test…..

It’s time to put your fitness to the test. Announcing the 1st Annual TWCF Swole Olympics, an intramural CrossFit Open team competition.


No you do not have to sign up for the CrossFit Open to participate, but it is encouraged, so you can measure yourself against your peers internationally, or even against your scores from a previous year.


The event will run the duration of the Open, starting with a Captain’s meeting on the 9th of February. That being said, each of you have until the 9th of February at 6:30 pm to sign up. There is a sign up sheet at the gym, if you cannot get to the sign up sheet in time message us and we will put your name on the list.


After the draft, each team captain and their team will have to come up with a team name, and start organizing their team. Each week will be a different theme, and team members will be encouraged to dress to the occasion.


Week 1: CrossFit Stereotypes

Week 2: Opposite Sex

Week 3: the 80’s

Week 4: Military/Police/ First Responder

Week 5: Team Spirit (team choice)


The workouts will consist of the 2017 Open workouts and take place on Saturday mornings between 8am and 10am. We will run several heats so individuals that have to get out early can get in to the early heat. Athletes will be judging each other so you will all get practice in looking for movement standards and being judged according to those standards. Teams can earn points three different ways.


1 point for each team member that participates in the workout.

3 points for any member that scores in the top 3 men or top three women.

5 points for receiving the most votes in the weekly spirit contest.


We think this will be a great way (and fun way ) to kick off the 2017 CrossFit Games season. We will also be having a Open Announcement gathering every Thursday night starting on the 23rd of February to watch the live workout announcements and cheer or groan as we find out the workout for the week. For more info talk to us at the gym or message us, and we will be glad to go over any details we have missed. And since this is our first go at this we’re sure there will be more information coming our weekly as we learn more about the workouts and the process of running this in-house competition.


Thanks for all of your hard work and we hope to see you in the trenches.


Jamie and Paul

Trollway CrossFit