Thank you 2016 and Hello 2017

Sorry it has been a while since the last blog, but we have a lot of things to cover.


First off, we would like to say thanks to all of you for your continued support and efforts, you are all rock stars. We would also like to thank you for your generous and unexpected contribution to helping get our kid’s program off the ground. You are all amazing, and we will get this going as soon as we can.


Second, we wanted to let you know we will be starting a Barbell Club in January. It will be on Monday and Friday nights at 6:30. For current Trollway CrossFit members there will not be an additional charge, but it will be available as a separate membership for those that are not members and would like to join. It will be specific to Olympic style weightlifting, training methods and accessory movements. We are pretty excited about this and more details will follow.


Third, unless you are really new and haven’t heard us talking about it, you all know the CrossFit Games are coming to Madison and will be here for the next three years and each gym in the Madison area will have a share in being ambassadors of the Sport. There is potential for athletes from across the world to be in the area and hopefully also in our gym. The event will be in August and we encourage anyone to volunteer or at the least to go check it out if you have a chance, it really is an amazing atmosphere and event. We will be working on putting something together for the open that starts on the 23rd of February. Some other important dates are the 27th of April, when tickets for the Games go on sale, and April 28th, when volunteer sign up begins.


Lastly, there are a couple of house keeping items. Make sure you are signing up for class. We are filling up, and have limited equipment and space. So as to not get turned away or having to wait for the next class because the class you wanted is full, please start signing in. Since we are getting more new members make sure you introduce yourself to them, and if you see them seeming lost please try to help them get on track, or grab a coach for them. Also, please try to not put your equipment away before everyone is done with the workout, it is both discouraging and a distraction to the athletes that are still trying finish up. This would be a great time to cheer on your fellow athletes and encourage them to finish strong. You may be racing the clock, or you may be racing your neighbor, but in the end you are all a team, a tribe, a community.


Thanks for being a member of the Trollway CrossFit Community,

Jamie and Paul