Thanks and Thanksgiving…..

Thanks and Thanksgiving….


Well, its that time of year again where we all get a little sappy and talk about things we are thankful for. So as to not break with tradition, Here goes…….


First, not to make light of the usual suspects, family, friends, and health, but these aren’t the focus of today’s blog. While, without the above mentioned, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do, we would like to talk about you.


Thank you, Thanks for getting out of your comfort zone and giving us and CrossFit a try. Thanks for coming in and giving your best each day, even on days when there are movements you have issues with or really dislike. For bringing your energy and personalities, and sharing this journey and your lives with us. We are truly honored to be able to work with you. Without all of you this would only be a cold (not according to Jaika, who thinks its always too hot), lifeless building. You bring the energy, the life, the personality, and the warmth. The directions we go are due to you. If you have ideas we consider them, and if feasible, we implement them in the programming or into the community. If it isn’t something we can do at the time we still try to find ways to make it happen, it may take a while but we are still working them. You are the community, each workout you are forging a tighter bond with your fellow athletes, and they with you. Keep it up, cheer for each other, remember what it was like to be new, and how impossible the workouts used to seem. I know the work doesn’t get easier, because as you get stronger, or more technically sound, the weights get heavier, and the movements more difficult but your experience helps you handle it better. Share those experiences with the newer athletes.


With the CrossFit games coming to Madison for the next three years we will be getting more exposure, and this will mean we will have more new people dropping and giving us a try, welcome them, introduce yourself, and continue be the great community ambassadors that you have been. As we approach the games don’t be surprised if the media gets more involved with the local CrossFit communities, as it will make for good local news. In our business, this is like getting to host the Superbowl , so we are really excited for the future possibilities and exposure.


Since nutrition is something we talk about often, we better hit on Thanksgiving. It will be simple, moderation is key. Eat smaller portions throughout the day instead of a giant plate, just because you could balance it on top doesn’t mean you should. Go for the nutrient dense options, but don’t punish yourself, enjoy the day, it is a journey so we can always get back on track, but remember it will take about 125 burpees to equal that piece of pie with whipped cream on it. So maybe only go for one piece instead of four, lol.


This has been long and all over the place, and thank you for reading it. Keep up the grind, and THANK YOU for everything.


Jamie and Paul