Starting CrossFit

“I need to get in shape before I can start CrossFit”

That was my standard phrase for six months before I started CrossFit. I had been a dancer and an athlete in my younger years and as I got older, got a demanding job, became a mother, I stopped making myself a priority and I became unfit. I was terrified to start CrossFit, it didn’t matter how many friends that had done it told me that I just needed to start, that it was scalable. My husband had been Crossfitting for a couple of years at that point. He never pushed me to do this, simply explained when I asked about it that anyone could do it and he thought I would like it. He has the patience of a saint.   Finally a friend gave me some tough love and said “stop messing around and do it now, because soon you will have talked yourself out of even trying”. So I went, I did the two week on ramp and I started CrossFit.

I won’t lie, it was hard, really hard. The 35 pound bar bell without weight on it felt heavy. I could not step up onto a box without having a 45 pound plate next to it to assist me. I could not run, I could not jump rope, I could not do a push up. But I went every day and did the best I could. Fast forward a year and a half later – I love CrossFit. I am not great at it but I can do a lot more than I could back then. I can do a push up, I can step up on the box un-assisted, I can do Olympic lifts, I can run – it’s not pretty or fast but it happens. My burpees still look spazzy but I am proud of them because when I started I couldn’t do them at all, and I know that someday they will look better.

Since starting CrossFit I have shrunk. ALOT. More importantly than the physical gains I have experienced are the emotional/mental gains. Back in July of 2014, before I started, I felt pretty bad about myself. CrossFit has made me confident again, it has made me mentally strong, it has made me more patient. I eat a clean diet, not because I have to but because I know how much better my body performs when I do. I have done things that I would not have done in the past because I didn’t think I could – kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, the wave ride at the Kalahari. I play sports with my kids, go to yoga, have a stand up desk at work, I move my body now because it is not happy being still.

I have made a lot of amazing friends on this journey. There is nothing like a CrossFit community. You are all doing these hard things together, celebrating successes together and cheering each other through the tough stuff. You do partner WODs and you work harder because you don’t want to let your partner down. I read once that CrossFit is like the Breakfast Club, a bunch of people that normally would never be in the same place end up being friends because of the experience they went through together. It’s true. And on the days I don’t want to go work out because I am tired or sore, I end up going because I want to see my gym mates.

I am not able to do a handstand, double-unders or a pull up – yet. Notice I said yet. Because I will and I know this because I have already conquered many other things that I thought I couldn’t do. I look forward to whatever the WOD brings everyday because I know that I have the physical and mental power to fight through it and feel amazing when it is over. Think you are too unfit, old, whatever…? You are not. Anyone with the right mindset can CrossFit. You won’t die, you probably won’t even puke. 🙂

Don’t wait, don’t think about it, don’t under estimate yourself, don’t let another day go by without finding out how strong and fabulous you are.